Ridgefield property transfers: April 28-May 9

Eighteen homes, eight condominiums and two commercial properties worth a total of $16,097,909 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi between April 28 and May 9. The town received $39,594 in conveyance taxes from the transfers, which included:

77 Sunset Lane Unit 135: Charter Group Partners LLC to Karl and Cordula Weber of Old Washington Road, April 28, $549,243.

19 Silver Spring Park Road: Robin Axness to Michael and Jacqueline Picone, April 28, $388,500.

7 Bridle Trail: Sean and Nicole Rajkumar to Andrey and Elena Teplyakova of Spireview Road, May 1, $570,256.

352 Florida Hill Road: PVRM Properties LLC of Stamford to Richard and Carla Palmer of New York, N.Y., May 1, $765,000.

19 Partridge Drive: Joshua Lowney and Ashley Tiscia of Grand Street in Bethel to Karl Cobie and Michelle Ann Mischenko, May 1, $485,000.

31 Bridle Trail: Kirby and Jennifer Shyer to Bruce and Susan Kelley of Comstock Court, May 2, $585,000.

719 Danbury Road (commercial sale): Persimmon Tree LLC to Ridgefield Property Associates LLC, May 2, $295,000.

5 Rolling Ridge Road: Fannie Mae of Dallas, Texas, to Elaine Lowman, May 2, $260,000.

16 Fox Hill Drive (Fox Hill): Raymond Bennett Jr. of Kitty Hawk, N.C., to Robert Hashemian, May 2, $125,000.

30 Island Hill Avenue: Linda Lou LLC of Mountain Road to Andrea Canko of Blackman Road, May 2, $375,000.

70 Sarah Bishop Road: Judith Walker to James Figaro of Pound Ridge, N.Y., May 3, $602,500.

101 Sleepy Hollow Road: Janice Kunst to Raffaele Bufano of the Bronx, N.Y., May 3, $515,000.

638 Danbury Road Unit #73 (Regency at Ridgefield): Mark Fodor to Charles Robbins of Glen Road, May 3, $530,000.

45 Regan Road: David Brody to John Thomas Luzzi of Mimosa Circle, May 3, $785,000.

70 Armand Road: Arthur J. Tuccio Trust of New Milford to Michael Guccione of Barrack Hill, May 3, $1,350,000.

22 Whitlock Lane: James Monroe to Nnennaya Duke of Titus Place, May 3, $660,000.

90 Olcott Way Unit #29  (Casagmo): Jose Landrau to Matthew Gorman of Sunset Lane, May 3, $155,000.

77 Sunset Lane Unit #132: Charter Group Partners LLC to Barbara Serfilippi, May 4, $487,913.

203 Ledges Road: Toby Nylen to Jonathan Arkins of Mamanasco Road, May 5, $468,000.

95 Olcott Way (Casagmo): Robert Hatkinson of Columbia Cross Roads, Pa., to Joseph D’Ambrosio of North Salem Road, May 5, $130,000.

32 Colonial Drive: Barbara Serfilippi to Michael Principi of Bobbys Court, May 5, $522,500.

32 Cooper Hill Road: James and Andrea Maloney to Yosef Krespi, May 8, $425,000.

40 Todds Road: Ann Browne Trust to Pawel Domejczyk, May 8, $450,000.

33 Dogwood Drive: Robert Ann Mannion to Nelson Vargas, May 9, $430,000.

38C Grove Street: Doso Realty LLC of New York City to Damima Ridgefield Associates LLC c/o Kaplan Realty Group of New York City, May 9, $2,650,000.

18 Ritch Drive: Luis and Sandrine Fernandes to Michael and Jennifer Valluzzo of Phoenix, Ariz., May 9, $565,000.

77 Sunset Lane Unit #125: Charter Group Partners LLC to Joan Vilasi, May 9, $526,497.

36 Catoonah Street Unit #14: Barbara and Paige Hillery to Joan Wheeler, May 9, $560,000.