Ridgefield Property Transfers: March 19 to March 27

Ten houses and one commercial lot worth a total of $6,337,325 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from March 19 to March 27, with $13,495 collected in conveyance taxes. Transfers include:
56 Spire View Road: Secretary of Housing and Ubran Development to Drenna Reineck, March 19, $304,050.
26 Yankee Hill Road: Michael and Sandra Vitolo of Naples, Fla. to Andrea Morse, March 19, $651,000.
23 Mimosa Place: Trust of Diane Peterson of Jackson, Wy. to Matthew and Alanna Gallo, March 19, $540,000.
72 Langstroth Drive: Gisela Gust to Douglas Clark of Titicus Road, North Salem, N.Y., March 22, $337,600.
Saunders Lane (Lots 1 and 2): Pamela Gugliotta of Catoonah Street to Felicity and Joshua Panas, March 25, $1,075,000.
508 North Salem Road: Felicity Panas of Saunders Lane to Donna Love, March 25, $960,000.
391 Barrack Hill Road: US Bank National Trust of Coppel, Texas, to Thomas Byrne of South Salem, N.Y., March 25, $339,675.
19 Silver Spring Park Road: Michael and Jacqueline to Jerzy and Joanna Kopacz, March 26, $410,000.
48 Nod Road: Alliant Investments LLC to Robert Martzloff of Brewster, N.Y., March 26, $635,000.
105 Spring Valley Road: US Bank National Trust of Highlands Rand, Co., to Wojcheich and Agata Szumski, March 27, $560,000.
79 Manor Road: Joseph and Tracy Giaconne to William and Dorothy Doty, March 27, $525,000.