Pamby Motors Auto Body plans expansion

Pamby Motors Auto Body may be headed for an expansion in its back lot at 34-36 Danbury Road.

According to documents filed at the town’s planning and zoning office, owner John Pambianchi is seeking a special permit to build a 20-foot addition to the existing building.

“The premises is a gas station and has been used for this purpose at least since the 1950s, and possibly as far back as the 1930s,” wrote attorney Bob Jewell, who is representing Pambianchi. “The applicant recently purchased the [additional] property and replaced and upgraded the underground storage tanks. They are now seeking approval for renovations to the existing building.”

The owners have wanted to make improvements for some time, but that their previous landlord “was inflexible,” according to the project narrative in the file. Pambianchi also replaced the station’s “antiquated pumps.”

The town’s Architectural Advisory Committee also asked Pambianchi to do additional renovations to the site, including building a sidewalk and fence along the Grove Street side of the lot.

“The applicant is not in the position to expand the scope and cost of this project at this time to accommodate that request,” the application said.

On May 21, the Zoning Board of Appeals granted the application a zoning variance, because the 20-foot expansion would push the building into the lot’s setback — the empty space around a development that’s kept clear for curb appeal. As a condition, the owners would have to put up a six-foot-high fence along the full length of the southeastern property line which borders Casagmo.

The board also noted in its variance that the property’s current use predated the town’s zoning regulations.

The Planning and Zoning Commission has not yet scheduled a public hearing for the application.