No more mudslides? Richardson Drive plan gets approval

A plan to stabilize the hillside of a Richardson Drive home received approval from the town Inland Wetlands Board earlier this month.

In April and June, the hillside at 27 Richardson Drive gave way in two separate mudslides after homeowners Jaime and Cory Neas cut back vegetation and excavated a small pond next to their home. The excavation work was done without a permit.

The blow-outs brought torrents of muddy water and silt down Richardson Drive, overwhelming the town’s stormwater drains and flooding neighboring properties.

Neighbors complained to the town. The couple were issued orders from the town’s planning office and Wetlands Agent Beth Peyser to cease work and to hire an engineer who could stabilize the hillside.

The couple contracted Bryan Nesteriak, a land-use engineer, to develop a plan that included stabilizing the slopes and adding vegetation to prevent further erosion.

Under the terms of the approval, the board is requiring that the couple complete all work to stabilize the hillside by Oct. 31, Peyser said.

The couple is also required to plant new vegetation on the site by June 1, 2019, she said, because the new plants would not be able to take root before winter.