Marconi reports Ballard Park vandalism to cops

A report of vandalism at Ballard Park over the weekend is being investigated by the Ridgefield Police Department.

First Selectman Rudy Marconi said he personally made a call to police Monday, Oct. 2, after receiving complaints from several residents about two steel trash cans that were turned over.

Marconi confirmed that one trash can was knocked into a bush over at the park’s north entrance, with debris being tossed all over the concrete. Another trash can was pushed into the park onto the grass.

The Press received several photos of trash strewn around the park’s north entrance, near the CVS shopping center, on Main Street.

The photos were taken Sunday, Oct. 1, around 1 p.m.

The vandalism was more than just trash though.

Another photo showed a pile of white powder scattered over the sidewalk.

“The perpetrators could have been picked up on some cameras,” Marconi said. “It would be best if they come forward now, as opposed to waiting for an arrest.”

The Ridgefield Police Department did not respond with comment on the investigation.

It is the fourth time in 11 months that have police have investigated vandalism in the park.