Lakeside Drive land gift adds to open space

Without dissent or comments from the public, a town meeting of about 18 voters accepted the donation of just under half an acre of land as town open space — and agreed to forego back taxes, interests and late fees amounting to about $41,000.

“The owners asked for abatement of taxes,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi told the June 20 meeting in town hall.

“We’d be abating $21,655. If someone paid it, it would be $41,000 because of interest and fees.”

As open space the property would be under the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission, which manages the bulk of some 5,200 acres of open space in town, amounting to about 23% of the town’s area.

Chairman Jim Coyle noted that the 0.44 acre abuts and would add to about six acres of open space off Lakeside Drive.

“The Conservation Commission reviewed it, and would like to accept it,” Coyle said.

The town meeting did so, with a chorus of “ayes.”