Jazz Funk and Blues Weekend taking shape

It’s back — Ridgefield’s second annual Jazz, Funk, and Blues Weekend will be held over the weekend of Sept. 5-8.

“There will be event on Thursday night, CHIRP will be a jazz-related event. Friday night, the Aldrich Museum is having an event at the end of their museum hours from 3-5 [p.m.],” said Geoffrey Morris, of the Economic and Community Development Commission.

That Saturday, the library will be hosting an afternoon event, and Saturday night the Ridgefield Playhouse will host a headlining act. “Alison Stockel is still working out their sort of headliner venue,” Morris said.

That Sunday will feature an outdoor concert at Lounsbury House. “This year we’re going to push that more, because I think last year people thought that was a private event,” Morris added.

The Litchfield Jazz Camp also plans to send a number of kids and professional musicians to play on the steps of town hall, he said.

“The Litchfield Jazz Festival has a summer camp, and they produce jazz musicians throughout July, and then all these — usually kids, but not always — are out there in the world ready to play,” Morris explained. “There’ll be a pro with a few students, and there’ll be series of them playing from like 3 to 5, and there may be five to seven of them.”

“It’s no charge to Ridgefield to do this — and it’s a great story that this is where they’re coming to do this,” Morris added.

“The nice thing about bringing those musicians down here is friends and family will follow,” said Vice Chairman John Devine. “Because they’re not locals at all — so you’ll get lots of people learning and seeing what Ridgefield is all about.”