Jazz, Funk, and Blues Weekend: Second festival planned for September

Sax, horns, drums — Ridgefield is “in the mood” for the second annual Jazz, Funk, and Blues Weekend, which will be held over four days in September.
The exact dates are still being worked out, according to Geoffrey Morris of the Economic and Community Development Commission.
John Devine, the commission’s vice chairman, said the inaugural four-day festival last September had good attendance.
“The Playhouse sold out, the library was standing-room only — that was free, Aldrich we filled the lobby,” Devine said. “I think we’re going to have to put some money into this besides marketing, maybe just to make sure we have quality entertainment on the steps of Town Hall.”
The commission is responsible for marketing and organizing the calendar for the weekend, but booking bands to play was left up to the town organizations that participated. 
Morris said the program is not at the stage yet where it will need to start hiring bands from outside of town — which also comes with a higher budget.
He suggested the commission could have a few different groups of musicians playing on the steps of Town Hall to help give the event visibility. 
“Even like a competition — have like six little trios out there, and vote on your favorite,” Morris said.