Horse ordinance gets May 10 public hearing

The Board of Selectmen has drafted an ordinance to ensure the proper care of horses, which is heading to public hearing Wednesday, May 10.

The horse ordinance is a result of complaints from neighbors on Lewis Drive and Manor Road about three horses being kept in a residential area by tenants on Manor Road.

First Selectman Rudy Marconi said that if the ordinance passes, the minimum land requirement for owning a horse will be 1.5 acres and a half-acre more for every additional horse.

A proper shelter will also be required, as well as restrictions on fencing, that must be 15 feet away from any neighboring property.

According to the ordinance, the horse enclosures must be properly sanitized and are subject to inspections by the director of health.

Residents will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns during the public hearing scheduled for May 10.