Empty lot on Catoonah Street: Post office has no plans

What’s next for the 28 Catoonah Street property beside the post office, where the former Cumming house was torn down in December, following years of slow deterioration?

“The property had been graded and seeded. There are no immediate plans for the property other than that,” said Christine Dugas, spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service.

The property belongs to the adjacent shopping center’s owners, but the postal service has control of it by lease through 2048.

First Selectman Rudy Marconi has long had ideas for the site.

“We’d like a ‘phase two’ to include a pocket park and possibly an expansion to the parking there, but that would not be visible from Catoonah Street,” Marconi said when asked about the site.

“We’ve talked about that from the beginning, a pocket park in the front. We even had some concept drawings done years ago — a parking lot to the side of their building that would accommodate another 15 spots. But for that we’d need the cooperation of the post office, USPS, again, as well as the landowner.”

In response to an email describing Marconi’s vision for the site, Dugas of the postal service replied that such a plan is “not currently under consideration.”