Economic committee proposes fund-raising to promote the town

Should the town’s Economic and Community Development Commission (ECDC) be able to collect private funds for use promoting Ridgefield and various town events?

Voters will judge ordinance changes proposed to give the ECDC a little fiscal flexibility for actively publicizing Ridgefield and its happenings.

“We’re requesting to take in outside donations,” Economic Development Committee member John Devine told the selectmen June 20, when they scheduled the proposal to an Aug. 8 town meeting.

Devine said the ECDC already does some out-of-town advertising of events — like the Memorial Day parade.

“I do eight zip codes. We reached 10,000 people,” he said. “Over 4,000 clicked to get that information —where to go, what time it is,” he said.

ECDC advertising also helped the Ridgefield Independent Film Festival increase ticket sales, he said.

The selectmen considered scheduling the town meeting for the fall when more people are around, but ECDC chairman Arnold Light pushed for quicker action.

“The sooner it’s done, the quicker we can start raising funds,” he said.