Ease restrictions on signs? Zoning commission will take a look

The Planning and Zoning Commission is considering an amendment which would loosen restrictions on temporary signs.

The amendment, which was brought forward by the commission and will receive a public hearing on Sept. 19, would remove the current definition of a temporary sign as one that is displayed only for 14 days or fewer.

In its place, the definition for a temporary sign would state that it is “any sign not permanently affixed or attached to a window, building, stanchion, etc. and can be easily removed without special handling or tools.”

The proposed amendment would allow temporary signs to be on display for up to 45 consecutive days.

It would also allow for larger signs, striking out a rule on maximum size that restricts signs to “25 percent of the window surface to which it is applied,” in favor of allowing signs up to “fifty percent or twenty square feet, whichever is less, of all the window surface.”