Charter commission backs split of wetlands from zoning

The idea of splitting the Inland Wetlands Board off from the Planning and Zoning Commission was supported by the Charter Revision Commission on a close 5-to-4 vote Saturday morning, April 21. The commission has not yet addressed the related question of whether a separate Inland Wetlands Board should be appointed or elected.

“Water is so important to life that I think we need to do the best we can as RIdgefield gets more developed to protect it.” said charter commission member Ellen Burns.

“Issues surrounding inland wetlands are becoming more complex,” Charter Revision Commission chairman Jonathan Seem said near the end of the debate.

The recommendation, along with other changes the Charter Revision Commission is proposing, will eventually be sent to the Board of Selectmen for review and, with their approval, would go before town voters. Town officials’ goal is to get a package of charter changes on the November election ballot.

There'll be more in Thursday's print version of The Ridgefield Press.