Boys & Girls Club tries to ease zoning board’s concerns

The Boys & Girls Club wants to expand its Governor Street building. But before any development starts, the Planning and Zoning Commission needs to approve a zoning change from residential to Central Business District, a zone allowing many varied commercial uses.

Attorney Bob Jewell, who represents the club, went in front of the commission for a second pre-submission concept presentation Tuesday, March 21.

Addressing the commission’s previous concern about what the zone change could allow on Governor Street and East Ridge Road, Jewell said the club intends to create a “setback zone” to prevent future structures from being constructed in the area.

He also said the closest neighbor was very receptive to the idea.

“We’re hoping that we’ve been able to allay your fears and concerns a bit,” Jewell said.

“It’s very important to the property owner that this be the avenue we try to exhaust before we look at other options.”

Setback areas

Jewell displayed the setback areas with a green marker on a layout of the property, but commissioners said they needed to see a more polished plan before being completely on board.

Some said they liked the idea of expanding the Boys & Girls Club, while others remained worried about the implications a zone change could mean for the area — even with the setbacks.

“We need to see something actually put together,” said commissioner Mark Zeck. “Your marker is impressive to a certain extent, but not far enough.”

“The club is not going anywhere. They have a need, I think they serve a very important part of our town, and I believe the easements would ease some of our concerns,” he added. “And I’d like to see that in a presentation.”