Blue wave: Lamont, Dems win big on election night in Ridgefield

Ridgefield voting results mimicked statewide numbers as Democrats swept races for state governor, United States senator, congressional representative, secretary of the state, treasurer, comptroller, and attorney general.

In the race for the next Connecticut governor, Democrat Ned Lamont topped Republican Bob Stefanowski, 6,385 to 6,167 votes, in Ridgefield. Lamont claimed the governor’s chair with 46.57% of the statewide vote after Stefanowski conceded shortly after 9 a.m. Wednesday.

The near Democratic sweep in Ridgefield also included wins for U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, Attorney General-elect William Tong, Treasurer-elect Shawn Wooden, and Comptroller Kevin Lembo — all of whom won in Ridgefield, en route to their state-wide victories. In the 26th district state senate race, Democratic challenger Will Haskell unseated Republican incumbent Toni Boucher.

Congressman Jim Himes also carried Ridgefield, defeating Republican challenger Harry Arora 7,531 to 5,169 votes as part of his successful re-election. Himes received the highest vote total in Ridgefield, with Murphy receiving the second highest (7,459 votes). They each claimed victory in their respective races before 9 p.m. Tuesday.

“Democrats’ success in Ridgefield directly reflects the dynamism of the Democratic Party, the excellence of our candidates, and the deep relevance of their messages to Ridgefield residents. People all over town see a Democratic Party that’s bringing new voices and innovative ideas to address to concerns they hold most dear,” said Alex Harris, chairman of the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee. “At the same time they see a Republican Party that has tragically lost its way in pursuing a course that’s deeply repugnant to Ridgefielders of all parties.”


Attorney general proved to be the closest contested state race in the 2018 election, with Democrat William Tong edging Republican Susan Hatfield.

Incumbent Secretary of the State Denise Merrill turned back the challenge of Republican Susan Chapman, 798,237 votes to 573,047.

Comptroller Kevin Lembo won another term, the Democratic incumbent finishing with 692,177 votes, more than 100,000 above Republican Kurt Miller (590,263).

Democrats held onto the state treasurer’s office, being vacated by Denise Nappier. Democratic candidate Shawn Wooden finished with 713,011 votes, while Republican Thad Gray earned 593,338.

All results were as of 6 a.m. Wednesday, with 91% of precincts reporting.

Editor's note: An earlier story posted Tuesday night indicated that unofficial numbers had Stefanowski narrowly beating Lamont in Ridgefield. Those results have since became official, with Lamont winning over the GOP nominee in Ridgefield.