Every year, Science Olympiad teams across the state participate in Sacred Heart University’s annual Science Olympiad competition. Competitors work in teams to demonstrate their mastery of a wide range of STEM topics in Life Science, Earth/Space Science, Physical Science, Engineering, and Scientific Inquiry. This year, Ridgefield High School’s Science Olympiad team attended the Sacred Heart tournament on Feb. 9, taking home the first place trophy in a decisive victory.

Many Ridgefield students also won medals for individual events. Questin McQuilkin brought home three medals, while Kenneth Choi, Hailey DeWalt, Marina Murphy, Joyce Li, Samantha Margolin, and Jack Hudson each won two medals for the team. Additionally, Alena Alexander, Molly Christel, Connor Jewell, Anirudh Krishnan, Matt Vivan, Frederick Whipple, and Andrew Yu also each won a medal in their events.

The club, mentored by coaches Ashley Smith and Sarah Bentley and Presidents Kenneth Choi and Connor Jewell, is happy to see its hard work pay off and looks forward to competing again in the Connecticut state competition at the University of Connecticut that takes place in March.

"This win marks a breakthrough for our team," said Kenneth. "We are all motivated to continue to put in our best efforts to win the state competition."