The excitement was evident last Thursday, March 14, at East Ridge Middle School as students celebrated Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s birthday. Students in Mrs. Kay’s seventh grade math classes dedicated the entire day to learning about the most famous irrational number, Pi (π). Pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, has mesmerized mathematicians for centuries. The value has continued to intrigue scholars with its inability to terminate or repeat. 
Through several interdisciplinary activities students not only discovered the mathematical properties of Pi, but were given the opportunity to connect these discoveries with history. In English and Social Studies classes, students participated in a mathematical web based scavenger hunt. Famous mathematicians were matched with their theories and relevant ideas that are integral to some of today’s inventions. 
While in Science class, students celebrated Albert Einstein’s birthday, March 14, 1879. Students chose one of Mr. Einstein’s famous quotes, and developed motivational posters for future display at ERMS. His quotes cross reference many aspects of math, science, dedication and inspiration. 
Finally, students participated in the annual Pi Recitation Contest. Students were awarded prizes by demonstrating how many digits of Pi they could recite from memory. The competition was fierce. The students who proved victorious were Anjali Hareesh, Max McMurray, Lexi Steneken and Justin Agliardo. Each student received a gift card from Deborah Ann’s, and the Grand Prize Winner, Ms. Hareesh, was also awarded a large pizza pie generously donated by Planet Pizza.