With Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court at the center of national attention, a trio of Ridgefield women took to Main Street to protest and call for a FBI investigation into allegations of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

"Want the truth investigate! Want the truth investigate! Want the truth investigate!" chanted Suzanne Benton, Kelly Breckinridge, and Alisa Trachtenberg Friday, Sept. 28.

Trachtenberg wondered why Kavanaugh wouldn't want an investigation into Ford's claims.

“Why would you not do an investigation if you’re a judge and you know it would clear your name?" she told The Press.

Breckinridge worried about "the loss of checks and balances."

“I think if as many people watched on TV as they said — it might [yield an investigation]," she added. "I think women are looking at it as she asked for an investigation. [Dr. Ford] contacted her congresswoman with this information when he was on the shortlist ... She had nothing to gain, everything to lose. More than anything I’m frustrated by the fact that they would not investigate...Refusing to investigate seems suspicious to me."

The three women held out pamphlets that read, "I Believe Her...You?" around the same time as the Kavanaugh's nomination vote was being held in Washington D.C.

"We believe her!" the trio chanted, in repetition.


That cry was followed by, "The word of a woman is worth more than half of a man!" — which was the same message Benton wore on a poster board over her jacket.

Trachtenberg's poster board read: "Love is our future...No hate! No Fear!'

“The whole reason they’re pushing to get him on is Kavanaugh’s view that president’s have extremely broad powers," Trachtenberg said. "And Trump is currently an un-indicated co-conspirator... [Trump’s] trying to put the kibosh on the whole Mueller investigation. Having Kavanaugh on the sup court helps him.”