Rep. Frey earns support of advocacy group for retired teachers

From left to right: Robert Tulipnani, Bette Speilman and Rep. John Frey. — Scott Mullin photo
From left to right: Robert Tulipnani, Bette Speilman and Rep. John Frey. — Scott Mullin photo

State Representative John Frey (R-111), who is running for reelection to the CT House of Representatives, where he represents constituents in Ridgefield, has been endorsed by the Association of Retired Teachers of Connecticut (ARTC) for reelection.

The ARTC is a non-profit organization of retired teachers with 16,000 members/affiliates advocating on behalf of Connecticut’s 33,000 retired teachers. ARTC promotes the economic, professional, and social well-being of Connecticut’s retired teachers, and advocates for the continuous improvement of education in Connecticut schools.

“We are pleased to inform you that the Association of Retired Teachers of Connecticut’s Political Action Committee has voted to endorse your candidacy for office,” wrote Bradley Hayward, ARTC PAC Co-Chair, in a letter to Rep. Frey dated October 2.  “We feel that your positions on adequately funding our health insurance and pension accounts align with our positions. In the next few days we will be informing our members of your endorsement. In addition to asking our members to vote for you, we are encouraging them to work on and support your campaign.  We hope that your campaign is successful and we look forward to working with you after the election.”

“I am privileged to represent the many retired educators as well as the more than 600 active public school teachers who live here in Ridgefield and I thank ARTC for being tireless advocates for their wellbeing.  I am proud to serve as a partner in their efforts to ensure teachers can afford to live in Connecticut when they retire,” said Rep. Frey. “Given Connecticut’s weak economy and ongoing fiscal crisis, it is a daunting time to be a retired senior citizen living on a fixed income and confronting this state’s taxes and high cost of living.  To make it worse, the state has failed to deliver on its obligation to fund retired teachers’ pensions and maintain their post-retirement healthcare fund. The burden of unfunded liabilities is the crux of Connecticut’s annual budget crises. My priority for the next session is to address unfunded retirement obligations by paying them down and restoring our ability to provide core government services.  ARTC understands the stakes the state is facing and will fight to make sure we do not forget about our obligations to the inspiring men and women who have given their careers to educating our children.”

Retired Ridgefield teachers, including Rep. Frey’s 4th grade teacher at Veterans Park Elementary, also commended him for his service in the legislature.  

"I would like to thank John for his service to our town. I first met John when he was a student of mine while I was teaching 4th grade at Veterans Park   John actually taught me about teaching students who have had a loss -- you see, John lost his father when he was very young. I watched John as he went through school and attended college, helping people out and listening to their problems,” said J. Robert Tulipani, who is a lifelong Ridgefield resident, retired Ridgefield  teacher, and past Commander of American Legion Post 78. “I hope you'll join me in voting for my former student so that he can continue to do great things for Ridgefield"

“John has been a friend of Ridgefield for years,” said Bette Spielman, a longtime Ridgefield resident who retired as a literacy teacher at Veterans Park Elementary School. “He has had CT’s best interest at the heart of every decision. Furthermore, John supports education and has fought to protect teachers’ pensions. He deserves and has earned my support!”   

Rep. Frey represents the General Assembly’s 111th district, which consists of most of the Town of Ridgefield.  He serves a Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Transportation Bonding, and also sits on the Finance Committee and the Banks Committee.