Rep. Frey announces reelection campaign team to help advance 'Ridgefield First' message

State Representative John Frey (R-111)
State Representative John Frey (R-111)

State Representative John Frey (R-111) today announced the senior members of his campaign team who will help him in his re-election campaign to the Connecticut House of Representatives to serve the 111th district, which consists of most of Ridgefield.

“For my 2018 campaign, I plan to highlight how the past two state budgets we passed deviated substantially from previous budgets under Governor Malloy and majority party leadership, the strategies I used to protect Ridgefield from drastic funding cuts and tax hikes, and my vision to make living in Ridgefield more affordable for Ridgefield families,” said Rep. Frey.  “I want to continue to speak with as many Ridgefielders as possible about what issues concern them. While that dialogue takes place 365 days a year, campaign season - especially this year given the state’s fiscal situation - offers a great opportunity to engage with voters.”

The following individuals will serve as advisors to the “Friends of John Frey” campaign.

  • Tom Reynolds (co-Campaign Manager), 40-year Ridgefield resident, co founder of Reynolds and Rowella, one of the  largest CPA firms in the area, former Chair of State Board of Accountants, former Police Commission Chair and current Vice Chair of Fairfield County Bank

  • Marcie Coffin (co-Campaign Manager), current Ridgefield Police Commissioner, EVP of Fairfield County Bank and past RIdgefield  Citizen of the Year recipient

  • Jill Bornstein (co-Campaign Manager), Former VP Finance at GE Capital, Former Vice Chair of the Ridgefield Board of Finance, Current Tiger Hollow Inc. Board Member

  • Jill Maguire (Treasurer) for Friends of John Frey, member RHS Class of 1978, Current Chairman of the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce, past President Ridgefield Rotary Club

“Rep. Frey has been Ridgefield’s voice in the legislature during one of the most uncertain times in Connecticut’s history,” said Reynolds.  “In spite of his status as member of the minority party, he has still managed to advance our interests and shield our town from the worst of the financial crisis.  The past two budgets his caucus negotiated have improved Ridgefield’s standing significantly and we need his voice in the legislature in the coming year as the fiscal crisis endures.”

“As a part of John Frey’s team, I will help bring his message of fiscal discipline and social progress to families in Ridgefield,” said Coffin.  “I am proud to work for a representative who puts the needs of his constituents above all else and works to make sure everyone in Connecticut can have a future they can afford.”

“The governor alarmed Ridgefield families the past two years with budget proposals that not only eliminated Ridgefield’s Education Cost Sharing funding, but also to bill the town for the cost of teachers’ pensions,” said Bornstein.  “As town leaders scrambled to craft a plan to fill the gaping holes these proposals would put in our education budget, Rep. Frey worked diligently with both parties to make sure these proposals did not become a reality. Connecticut’s fiscal crisis does not appear to be over, however, and we have to have a hard-working, bipartisan legislator like John Frey advocating for our schools.”

“I am proud to be a part of John Frey’s reelection team,” said Maguire.  “Our goal is to present his accomplishments on behalf of Ridgefield to the people of Ridgefield and then make a pitch to voters that he deserves another term.  I hope Ridgefielder’s understand the gravity of our financial situation and how Rep. Frey is an integral part of the team that could bring prosperity back to our state.”

“Tom, Marcie, Jill Bornstein, and Jill Maguire are each leaders who are actively engaged in the Ridgefield community.  They are dialed in to the important issues in town and will help connect me with people who want to know the state can help serve them.  My goal is to hear the concerns of every one of my constituents between now and Election Day,” added Rep. Frey. “While dialogue with constituents takes place 365 days a year, election season offers a unique opportunity to engage voters.   And this year, with the state’s fiscal situation, they are seemingly more aware and engaged.”

State Rep. John Frey represents the 111th district, which covers most of the Town of Ridgefield.