Former Democratic challenger supports Frey’s reelection

Di Masters shakes hands with State Representative John Frey. — Scott Mullin photo
Di Masters shakes hands with State Representative John Frey. — Scott Mullin photo

A former Democratic opponent of State Representative John Frey (R-111) has endorsed him for reelection to the General Assembly’s 111th House district, which includes all of Ridgefield south of George Washington Highway.  

In a statement, Di Masters, who challenged Rep. Frey as Democrat nominee in 2008, asked Ridgefield voters to join her in supporting Rep. Frey.  Masters served 12 years on the Planning and Zoning Commission, including several years as chairman, and 11 years on the Board of Selectmen.

“As a former Democratic opponent, I am proud to say that I am endorsing John Frey to continue doing the superior job that he has done for Ridgefield,” said Masters. “His focus on town issues are well-known and appreciated by all, like funding for Bennett’s Farm State Park, reforming 8-30g affordable housing statutes, and supporting responsible gun laws post-Sandy Hook, including a ban on bump stocks and ghost guns.  But it is also the extra things that has made John a special representative and rare commodity. He has remained a reliable neighbor and friend to anyone with an outstretched hand, and he is never too busy to hear about an issue or take on a challenge.”

“Earning the support of public servants like Di is particularly meaningful when that support comes from someone with a nominally different party label,” said Rep. Frey. “That’s because it indicates the work I do in Hartford is not done on behalf of any political party, but is nonpartisan and on behalf of my entire community.  I thank Di for stepping forward and announcing her support of my campaign to make Connecticut affordable, bring jobs back to Ridgefield, and continue to advocate for getting our fair share in education funding.”

Rep. Frey represents the General Assembly’s 111th district, which consists of most of the Town of Ridgefield. He serves as Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Transportation Bonding, and also sits on the Finance Committee, Legislative Management and the Banks Committee. He formerly served as the Ranking Member of the Labor & Public Employees and the Aging Committees.