Would-be car thieves wore hoodies, possibly masks, Armand Road homeowner says

A pair of suspects who attempted to break into two locked cars on Armand Road during the early morning hours Monday, Nov. 27 wore hooded sweatshirts pulled over their faces, an Armand Road resident told The Press Thursday, Nov. 30.

The homeowner said one of the individuals may have been wearing masks, too. 

The resident described the suspects as young and thin, and said they seemed to run like youths when they fled the scene. He told The Press that one of the suspect may have been female but couldn't tell because of what the suspects were wearing. 

The two suspects also attempted to break into a locked car on Oak Knoll Road in the early morning hours of Nov. 27, the homeowner said. Out of the three vehicles that they attempted to steal from, only one — on Armand Road — was entered.

The homeowner told The Press that the suspects rummages around in that car's glovebox before taking off on foot. 

During that same time period on Nov. 27,  a 2013 Audi S5 was stolen out of the driveway of a home on Barrack Hill Road, Ridgefield police confirmed. The car was later found by the side of Route 8 in Waterbury with a flat tire and a damaged rim.

The car owner told The Press that police mentioned the theft matched the method of operation of a Waterbury group that have stolen cars throughout Fairfield County.

Police said all four incidents are under investigation. They have not said if the theft on Barrack Hill Road and the break-ins on Armand Road and Oak Knoll Road are related.