Winter club sign vandal caught on surveillance camera

More protest signs opposing the Ridgefield Winter Club, a private skating club at 340 Peaceable Street, were vandalized or stolen Thursday, Dec. 1 — but this time a resident believes the act was caught on tape.

Ridgefield Police public information officer Major Steve Brown told The Press that a Peaceable Street resident filed a police report shortly after midnight on Dec. 2, claiming one sign had been stolen. The complainant told police other signs had been thrown on the ground in the neighborhood that same night.

The Peaceable Street resident shared a surveillance photo with police. The suspect’s face is not visible in the photo, which was shared around among neighbors and opponents of the skating club, and was also forwarded to The Press.

“There were a slew of signs stolen or tossed in the woods last night,” said Jeff Hansen, head of Peaceable Neighbors Alliance

The signs were reportedly removed between 10 and 11.

‘It’s helpful to have a photo,” said Brown. “It’s not common for us to have one. We’re definitely going to use it as part of the investigation.”

The Peaceable Street resident said he set up the camera after someone knocked down several signs earlier that day. He set the signs back up, along with the camera, and caught the suspect on film removing one sign, and throwing others down near the driveway.


The vandalism, occurred a few days after the Planning and Zoning Commission conducted the seventh and second-to-last hearing for the Ridgefield Winter Club. The application to build an outdoor skating rink and clubhouse for private members on about six acres of property on Peaceable Street, has drawn intense opposition from neighbors worried about light, noise, traffic, and a decline in property values.

Major Brown said neighbors also reported signs being removed or disturbed on Nov. 25 and 26.

Sign vandalism was also reported to police in August — 10 signs taken and thrown in the woods near Remington Road and Peaceable Street.

“We don’t know at this point if it’s the same person but we’re continuing to investigate,” Major Brown told The Press.

Anyone with information on the incident should call the Ridgefield Police at 203-438-6531.

Correction: an earlier version of this story stated the vandalism occurred on the same night as the 7th hearing for the Ridgefield Winter Club. The hearing was on Thursday, Nov. 29, while the vandalism reportedly occurred on Saturday, Dec. 1.