Water main break slows traffic downtown

Update, 3 p.m. — A spokesman for Aquarion said the break should be fixed and water pressure restored by 6 p.m. Friday, Feb. 1.

“It will impact ten customers — they’re pretty much all businesses," said Peter Fazekas, of the Aquarion water company.

A water main break at the intersection of Main Street and Prospect Street has delayed traffic in downtown Ridgefield Friday, Feb. 1.

Traffic has been delayed on Main Street and Prospect Street but is moving in both directions.

The incident happened midday.

Crews are currently excavating the water main to find the breakage. Depending on the size of the breakage, they may be able to mend the pipe using a clamp, rather than fitting a new section of pipe. "Hopefully we’ll clamp it, which will speed things up," Fazekas said.

Asked about the cause of the break, Fazekas said it is most likely related to the weather.

‘I’m sure it’s weather related, but until they excavate it, it’s kind of hard to tell what kind of break it is," said Fazekas “You definitely get breaks in the cold weather — and [from] the change in temperature in the spring time.”

The Ridgefield Library has closed for business following the break as ongoing utility work on Prospect Street has limited the water supply. The library plans to open at its regular time Saturday, Feb. 2.

The Prospector Theater and Ridgefield Supply Company said they are remaining open Friday.

Dimitri's Diner also reported a low level of water pressure following the break. They are remaining open Friday.

There will be more updates on theridgefieldpress.com.