Ridgefield police warn residents about Halloween pranks

Residents planning on “booing” their neighbors — the Halloween gag of sneaking up to a neighbor’s door to leave treats in the dead of night — might want to take extra care not to raise the alarm this year.

According to Ridgefield police, the department has received “numerous” calls from concerned residents about people sneaking up to their door. Residents have been particularly vigilant because there has been an increase in vehicle break-ins, police said.

“While we know this is done in fun and in the spirit of Halloween, some residents have called us believing that someone is trying to break into their vehicle(s),” police said on the department’s Facebook page.

There have been 15 incidents of vehicle burglaries reported to police in 2018 at last count, though some of those reports include multiple cars broken into at an address, Capt. Jeff Kreitz of the Ridgefield police told The Press earlier this month. The town has also had a number of cars stolen by a group of thieves that police believe are based out of the Waterbury area. The group, or groups, of thieves target cars left unlocked in residential driveways throughout Fairfield County.

While the department stopped short of saying residents should avoid booing their neighbors altogether, they asked that the public “please keep this in mind” while taking part in the holiday tradition.