Ridgefield police: Swastika vandalism ‘still under investigation’

Several cases of anti-semitic vandalism are still under investigation, according to Ridgefield Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz.

The latest incident — five swastikas that drawn on the doors and entrance signs of the Aldrich Museum and Masonic Lodge on Main Street — happened between Jan. 7 and Jan. 9. In total, there have been eight discoveries of either anti-semitic or racist markings in town dating back to November 2016.

The swastikas found at the Aldrich and the Masonic Lodge were drawn with a green marker — a tool that has Ridgefield officers believing the same perpetrator is responsible for both acts of vandalism.

Town officials and members of the community were quick to condemn the anti-semitic markings, with First Selectman Rudy Marconi saying to The Press that he’d like to personally catch the person, or persons, responsible.

They would be wise to turn themselves in, Marconi said, to avoid harsher consequences, should their identity be uncovered through an investigation.

Incidents of other racist and anti-semitic graffiti — including at Ballard Park in June and Ridgefield High School in November — also remain under investigation, Kreitz told The Press Thursday, Jan. 18.