Police, town reach deal: 2.5% raises

A new police contract with 2.5% annual increases two years running would take a starting patrol officer’s salary to $63,791 for 2018-19, and push the maximum captain’s salary to $123,135 that year.

“Very happy to have a contract for another two years,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said. “Wish it was a little longer, but given the uncertainty of the times we’re happy to have a contract that reflects, I believe, fairness for both sides,” Marconi said.

“The agreement allows for a 2.5% salary increase in each of the two years, and a 1% increase in the employees’ premium share,” he said. “We gave them an increase, they gave us an increase in the premium share. That’s how simple it is.”

The town’s salary account for union police officers is about $3.5 million, so each 2.5% increase will cost taxpayers about $87,500.

The police salary scale for 2016-17 had 13 positions ranging from $60,717 to $117,202 for 2017-17, last year of the old contract. That will increase to a range of $62,235 to $120,132 for 2017-18, and to $63,791 to $123,135 in 2018-19.

The employees’ share of the health insurance premium is 12.5% of cost, so the 1% increases in their share will take the employees’ premium cost up to 13.5% for 2017-18 and 14.5% in 2018-19.

The agreement was signed by the town and 39-member Ridgefield Police Union Aug. 29.

“I’m happy we’ve got it put to bed,” Marconi said. “Management would always like a longer contract — but, it works.”