Police report more vehicle break-ins

Ridgefield police have reported a pair of vehicle break-ins that took place on Briar Ridge Road and Chipmunk Lane in the morning hours of Thursday, June 14.

The attempted burglary on Briar Ridge Road was reported at 6:33 a.m., and the Chipmunk Lane incident was reported two hours later at 8:42 a.m.

Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz said the burglars ransacked the vehicles without taking anything.

Both vehicles are believed to have been unlocked when the burglaries occurred, Kreitz said.

He said there have been 10 vehicle break-ins so far in 2018.

The burglaries fit the pattern of a group of Waterbury car thieves, who target cars left unlocked in the residential driveways of affluent communities throughout Fairfield County. Police believe the group is responsible for five stolen cars in Ridgefield this year.

“Other communities have been experiencing similar types of incidents and no community is immune to these types of crimes,” said Kreitz. “Please lock your vehicles, remove all valuables and remove the keys/fob. Please be sure to report anything suspicious to law enforcement.”

Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Ridgefield Police Department at 203-438-6531.