Police report cars broken into in northern Ridgefield

The Ridgefield Police Department has reported that six cars were broken into on residential driveways on Old Trolley Road, Aarons Court, and Stonewall Lane during the overnight hours from Saturday, Oct. 6, to Sunday, Oct. 7.

Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz said that two cars were entered at each driveway, and that the incidents were reported the following day in the late morning and early afternoon. Aside from loose change taken from one car, no other belongings were stolen.

Kreitz acknowledged that the break-ins match the pattern of behavior of a group, or groups, of car thieves that operate out of Waterbury. The thieves typically strike in the dead of night, and break into cars that are left unlocked in residential driveways.

“The whole area’s been getting hit by this group or groups for some time,” said Kreitz. “Even though the arrests have been made, it seems that others are filling the spots or taking the places [of those arrested].”

Kreitz said the department regularly shares information with other towns that have also been hit by the thieves.

There have been 15 reported incidents of vehicle break-ins reported to police this year, according to Kreitz, though that number refers to the number of cases, rather than the number of vehicles burglarized.

He reminded residents to lock their car doors, remove their keys, as well as any valuables they may have in their car. If they see something suspicious in the area “call us immediately,” he said.

The incident remains under investigation by police.