Police log: DUI on Danbury Road


A Ridgecrest Drive man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of drug paraphernalia on Danbury Road at 6:26 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 1.

Police said Timothy McLean, 22, was stopped because he was driving at night with only one working headlamp.

According to a report, the department’s K-9 officer was brought to the scene and smelled narcotics in the vehicle. A search revealed that McLean was in possession of drug paraphernalia. Police also determined he was driving while drunk.

McLean was taken to police headquarters, where he was processed and released on $200 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday, Feb. 15.

Tuesday Jan. 31

10:08 a.m.: Vehicle complaint, Ethan Allen Highway; 11:13: Accident, Danbury Road; 1:51 p.m.: Pistol permits, Shadblow Hill Road; 1:59: Accident, Great Pond Road; 2:47: Suspicious activity, Main Street; 5:38: Concerned person, Bennett’s Farm Road; 10:20: Suspicious person; Main Street

Wednesday, Feb. 1

12:44 p.m.: Frightened person, Nod Road; 2:08: Suspicious person, O’Neill Court; 3:19: Suspicious vehicle, North Street; 3:38: Suspicious activity, Aspen Ledges Road; 4:16: Concerned person, headquarters; 4:48: Accident, North Salem Road; 6:26: DUI, Danbury Road; 7:02: Suspicious vehicle, Benson Road

Thursday, Feb. 2

5:14 a.m.: Noise complaint, Kellogg Street; 3:16 p.m.: Animal-related matter, Danbury Road; 3:39: Larceny, Main Street; 3:57: Abandoned vehicle, Branchville train station; 4:32: Larceny, Bailey Avenue; 5:18: Accident, Ivy Hill Road; 5:43: Disorderly conduct, North Salem Road; 7:13: Accident, Main Street; 8:43: Pistol permits, headquarters

Friday, Feb. 3

9:09 a.m.: Concerned person, headquarters; 10:12: Disorderly conduct, Danbury Superior Court; 1:49 p.m.: Suspicious vehicle, Two Pence Road; 1:54: Suspicious vehicle, Barlow Mountain Road; 4:35: Suspicious vehicle, Buck Hill Road; 5:15: Criminal mischief, Bennett’s Farm Road; 8:33: Property dispute, Barlow Mountain Road; 11:31: Concerned person, Marshall Road

Saturday, Feb. 4

9:22 a.m.: Animal-related matter, Copps Hill Road; 11:32: Larceny, Danbury Road; 12:22 p.m.: Concerned person, Danbury Road; 1:03: Larceny, Danbury Road; 2:23: Identity theft, headquarters; 2:51: Accident, Danbury Road; 3:39: Accident, Mamanasco Road; 5:11: Larceny, headquarters; 6:07: Disabled vehicle, Danbury Road; 11:58: Stolen vehicle, Portland Avenue

Sunday, Feb. 5

9:21 a.m.: Vehicle complaint, Ethan Allen Highway; 12:52 p.m.: Accident, Governor Street; 2:43: Disorderly conduct, Saint Mary’s; 4:46: Larceny, headquarters; 9:09: Animal-related matter, Flat Rock Drive

Monday, Feb. 6

7:16 a.m.: Missing property, Mountain Road; 7:33: Stolen vehicle, Lakeview Drive; 7:37: Larceny, Douglas Lane; 7:55: Larceny, Aspen Ledges Road; 8:27: Larceny, Old Stagecoach Road; 8:47: Larceny, Douglas Lane; 9:04: Larceny, Aspen Ledges Road; 9:38: Larceny, Bob Hill Road; 9:39: Disorderly conduct, Danbury Superior Court; 12:18 p.m.: Suspicious vehicle, North Street; 12:31: Larceny, Mountain Road; 3:43: Larceny, Highview Road; 3:59: Larceny; Great Hill Road; 4:07: Larceny, Quincy Close; 6:24: Animal-related matter, North Salem Road; 7:50: Suspicious vehicle, Mamanasco Road; 9:05: Suspicious vehicle, Fire Hill Road; 10:11: Property dispute, Topcrest Lane