Police log: Breach of peace at the Playhouse

The Ridgefield Police Department recorded the following reports between Tuesday, Feb. 7, and Monday, Feb. 13.

Breach of peace

A Redding man was arrested for breach of the peace at 10:41 p.m. at the Ridgefield Playhouse, Saturday, Feb. 11.

Police said Jimmy Talcott, 40, was disruptive to other patrons watching the show being held at the Playhouse.

Talcott was taken into custody, processed and released on a $50 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Tuesday, Feb. 7

7:43 a.m.: Injured deer, West Lane; 11:30: Suspicious vehicle, Copps Hill Road; 5:58 p.m.: Pistol permits, headquarters; 6:57: Pistol permits, headquarters; 10:53: Frightened person, Main Street

Wednesday, Feb. 8

12:50 a.m.: Noise complaint, Harvey Road; 6:32: Disorderly conduct, headquarters; 12:53 p.m.: Vehicle complaint, Danbury Road; 1:39: Accident, Prospect Street; 1:41: Animal-related matter, Mimosa Court; 3:02: Accident, Danbury Road; 3:45: Vehicle damage, headquarters; 3:58: Accident, Main Street; 6:20: Accident, headquarters

Thursday, Feb. 9

12:44 a.m.: Concerned person, Chestnut Hill Road; 9:04: Disabled vehicle, Main Street; 9:25: Disabled vehicle, Danbury Road; 9:51: Disabled vehicle, Ethan Allen Highway; 10:30: Disabled vehicle, Route 7; 10:48: Disabled vehicle, Danbury Road; 10:58: Disabled vehicle, Grove Street; 11:05: Disabled vehicle, Ethan Allen Highway; 11:07: Disabled vehicle, Grove Street; 11:46: Disabled vehicle, Huckleberry Lane; 12:07 p.m.: Vehicle larceny, Oscaleta Road; 12:27: Disabled vehicle, Danbury Road; 12:50: Accident, Florida Hill Road; 12:55: Disabled vehicle, Ethan Allen Highway; 3:53: Disabled vehicle, Cross Hill Road; 4:03: Animal-related matter, Ridgebury Road; 4:37: Accident, Ethan Allen Highway

Friday, Feb. 10

12:55 a.m.: Disabled vehicle, Buck Hill Road; 7:32: Accident, Ethan Allen Highway; 8:33: Burglary, Olcott Way; 11:08: Accident, Florida Road; 1:00 p.m.: Disabled vehicle, Danbury Road; 1:34: Accident, Gilbert Street; 5:11: Suspicious vehicle, Peaceable Ridge Road; 5:35: Accident, Danbury Road; 5:55: Accident, Ethan Allen Highway; 6:50: Animal-related matter, West Lane; 7:31: Disabled vehicle, Danbury Road; 9:41: Suspicious vehicle, O’Neill Court

Saturday, Feb. 11

3:01 a.m.: DUI, Danbury Road; 11: Identity theft, headquarters; 11:37: Concerned person, Blackman Road; 12:02 p.m: Identity theft, headquarters; 3:35: Accident, Fox Hill Drive; 4:41: Vehicle larceny, Mountain Road; 8:23: Accident, Main Street; 9:42: Breach of peace, Ridgefield Playhouse; 11:11: Suspicious person, Deer Hill Drive

Sunday, Feb. 12

5:21 a.m.: Concerned person, Prospect Street; 3 p.m.: Domestic dispute, Danbury Road; 3:14: Disabled vehicle, North Street

Monday, Feb. 13

11:09 a.m.: Accident, High Ridge Avenue; 12:13 p.m.: Accident, North Salem Road; 3:04: Disabled vehicle, Peaceable Street; 5:50: Suspicious activity, Prospect Street; 7:17: Concerned person, Danbury Road; 9:14: Marijuana violation, Richardson Park