Police log: Bad checks arrest

There have been three cars stolen in Ridgefield in 2019. Police are warning residents to lock their doors at night.
There have been three cars stolen in Ridgefield in 2019. Police are warning residents to lock their doors at night.

A Wilridge Road man was released into the custody of the Westport Police Department Friday, March 17, and arrested for writing two bad checks to a local construction company — O&G Industries — in October 2015.

Capt. Jeff Kreitz said that Michael Connors, 36, came to Ridgefield police headquarters to get his fingerprints for new employment.

Kreitz told The Press that a Ridgefield officer ran Connors’ name through the system and found he had an outstanding warrant out of Westport.

Westport police came to pick him up at Ridgefield headquarters that same day.

He was charged with issuing a bad check and was released from custody in Westport on a promise to appear in court Wednesday, March 29.

Monday, March 13

7:03 a.m.: Concerned person, Flat Rock Drive; 2:59 p.m.: Pistol permits, headquarters; 3:28: Accident, Danbury Road; 6:32: Disabled vehicle, Ethan Allen Highway, 7:18: Accident, Limestone Road; 8:14: Concerned person, Fox Hill; 8:18: Identity theft, headquarters; 10:27: Concerned person, Marshall Road; 11:49: Suspicious activity

Tuesday, March 14

12:41 p.m.: Concerned person, Main Street; 3:11: Accident, Danbury Road; 3:12: Disabled vehicle, Danbury Road; 4:58: Missing person, Oscaleta Road

Wednesday, March 15

12 a.m.: Disorderly conduct, Hamilton Road; 9:31: Accident, Copps Hill; 11:08: Disabled vehicle, Copps Hill; 2:58 p.m.: Vehicle complaint, Catoonah Street post office; 4: Accident, Hulda Lane; 6:59: Disabled vehicle, Simpaug Turnpike

Thursday, March 16

1:27 a.m.: Suspicious vehicle, Oscaleta Road; 10:57: Accident, Harvey Road; 11:54: Suspicious activity, Prospect Ridge Road; 11:59: Vehicle complaint, Colonial Lane; 1:42 p.m.: Larceny — bad check, headquarters; 3:40: Suspicious vehicle, Seth Low Mountain Road; 3:49: Pistol permits, headquarters; 5:21: Accident, South Street; 10:30: Suspicious vehicle, Ridgebury Road

Friday, March 17

2:38 a.m.: Accident, Danbury Road; 12:37 p.m.: Concerned person, West Lane; 1:10: Accident, Ridgebury Road; 2:29: Disabled vehicle, Grove Street; 2:40: Accident, Danbury Road; 3:10: Animal-related matter, Bennetts Farm Road; 4:26: Disabled vehicle, South Salem Road; 5:19: Animal-related matter, Limekiln Road; 7:13: Disabled vehicle, Ashbee Lane; 7:52: Accident, Walnut Grove Road; 8:23: Accident, headquarters; 9:27: Accident, Haviland Road

Saturday, March 18

2:17 p.m.: Concerned person, Branchville Road; 4:27: Animal-related matter, Crest Road; 11:05: Vehicle complaint, Danbury Road

Sunday, March 19

12:22 a.m.: Disabled vehicle; Governor Street; 8:28: Disorderly conduct, St. Mary’s; 3:37 p.m.: Concerned person, Main Street; 4:19: Concerned person, Danbury Road; 7:31: Concerned person, Lakeside Drive; 9:48: Disabled vehicle, Portland Avenue; 10:41: Disabled vehicle, Old Still Road

Monday, March 20

10:02 a.m.: Suspicious vehicle, Circle Drive; 2:56 p.m.: Harassment, headquarters; 4:54: Misconduct, headquarters; 5:29: Accident, Danbury Road; 5:45: Concerned person, Governor Street; 6:46: Accident, South Street; 7:11: Accident, Danbury Road; 7:13: Suspicious person, Prospect Street; 9:07: Suspicious person, Saunders Lane