Police investigate pre-Christmas threat at Ridgefield High School

Ridgefield police detectives are investigating a written threat that was found in a textbook at Ridgefield High School Dec. 20.

A RHS student, speaking to The Press on condition of anonymity, said the threat was reported after a classmate “showed an interest in firearms in one of their classes.”

“The student was reported to the deans so that the school had the opportunity to assess whether there was a threat or not,” the student said. “The school handled it very seriously and looked into the situation thoroughly to ensure that there was no safety hazard.”

“There was no threat, so everybody was able to go on with their day, but it was a little rough on the student who had no poor intentions and didn’t mean to come across as a threat.”

Interim Superintendent Dr. JeanAnn Paddyfote said the district “immediately instituted its threat assessment protocols, which include the involvement of the Ridgefield Police Department” in an email sent to parents at 2 p.m. on Dec. 20

Paddyfote declined to comment further to The Press, citing the student’s right to privacy under the Family Educational and Privacy Rights Act.