Naked man suffers head injuries after jumping out of moving truck on Route 7

A naked man suffered a significant head injury after jumping from a moving pickup truck in north Wilton around 9:15 a.m. Sunday, July 7.

The man was first reported seen coming out of the woods and running around in the middle of Route 7 near Days Inn in Redding, where he hopped into the bed of a truck headed south.
"The truck was stopped in traffic and the man came out of the woods and tried to open one of the truck's doors but they were all locked," said Sergeant Anna Tornello of the Wilton Police Department. "Traffic started moving so the man hopped into the bed of the truck and that's when the driver began dialing 911 ... Luckily, for the driver his doors were locked when the man originally came out of the woods."
Tornello said that her department was called to the scene after the man had jumped out of the truck.

Wilton police officers arrived and found "blood on the ground."

"I'm not really sure how significant the injuries are or if they're life-threatening or not but they seemed to be pretty serious," Tornello said. "The guy jumped off the truck while it was going, and had already been taken to Danbury Hospital by an ambulance out of Georgetown by the time our guys got there. ... He was rushed to the hospital, not sure of anything else."

According to Tornello, Redding police are investigating who the man is and why he was in the woods.
"I know it's under investigation," she said. "But because it started at the Days Inn, Redding is investigating the origins. ... The man had no ID on him — no clothes — so I know they're going to need some time to find out those answers."
The Redding Police Department did not respond to a phone call Sunday around 12:30 p.m.
The Ridgefield Police Department, which responded first to the scene, said it would not be releasing any information about the case and that the investigation would be going through Redding and Wilton's police departments.
"We're not exactly sure what led to the accident but it did happen right over the border in north Wilton," Tornello said. "Ridgefield and Redding were there first and they should have more details on when the call happened and how it exactly happened from there."