More traffic signs on Blue Ridge Road, fewer on Ned’s Mountain Road

Traffic signs are coming to Blue Ridge Road — just as the town has plans to take others down on Ned’s Mountain Road.
The town Police Commission decided Thursday, Feb. 14, to replace two 25 miles-per-hour speed limit signs at both ends of Blue Ridge Road, and install 20 miles-per-hour advisory signs to the road’s dangerous corner signs.
“Blue Ridge — we had some complaints,” said Police Chief Jeff Kreitz.
In the past 10 years, there have been 10 crashes on one sharp corner along the road, he explained. The signs are the proposed solution.
“I agree with it,” Kreitz said. “We’re going to put speed limit signs on either end because apparently [they] got knocked down either by a plow or other accidents.”
The decision didn’t need a vote from the commission, because they replace markings that were there previously.
Ridgebury signs
The commission is also moving ahead with plans to take down some of the traffic signs on Ned’s Mountain Road.
There are currently 26 yellow indicator signs demarcating sharp curves on the Ridgebury neighborhood road, which residents have raised as an eyesore.
“I spoke with three of the residents up there… just about where we are, [and] how we’re waiting on the state’s inspection before we make the final determination,” said Police Chief Jeff Kreitz.
“Are we still going to do the town meeting?” asked Commissioner Joe Savino.
Chairman George Kain indicated they would. He said the commission plans to meet with the town attorney and First Selectman Rudy Marconi “to make sure that we’re doing this absolutely the right way.”
The inspection will take place sometime in April.
“These people have been waiting long enough,” said Kain. “I think we sparked a little bit of a debate with The Danbury NewsTimes too, with all the other towns that had the exact same problem — the exact same issue; that they didn’t know this number of signs were going to be constructed.”
“I think the state is going to take a harder look at the process as well,” he added.