Monday storm recap: Lightning strikes yard, wires down

Violent, loud, and fast-moving, a thunderstorm brought firefighters to a house after a lightning strike in the yard Monday night, and knocked down utility lines in two locations in town.

“The storm blew through town pretty quickly,” Fire Chief Jerry Myers said Tuesday morning, June 19.

“At 261 Mimosa Circle it appears lightning struck in the yard and traveled along an underground fence to the electrical panel,” he said. “This caused some breakers to trip and damage to an electrical outlet. The home was checked and no sign of fire was found. The homeowner was advised to leave the breakers off until an electrician could check the wiring.”

The downed wires were pretty routine.

“We had two ‘wires down’ calls: 282 Old Sib Road and Limestone at Bennetts Farm Road,” Chief Myers said. “Both were minor and Eversource handled them.”

As of Tuesday morning, Eversource reported no further outages in Ridgefield.