Hulda Lane shooting case remains ‘under investigation’

Ridgefield police said Monday, Aug. 7, that there is no new information to disclose about the investigation into the June 5 shooting at a home on Hulda Lane.

Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz told The Press that the matter is “still under investigation” and that no arrests have been made.

An unsealed affidavit said that a group of teenagers attempted to steal a Land Rover from the home. A 15-year-old girl from Waterbury was shot in the back during the incident, and was taken to Waterbury Hospital where she was treated for injuries and released.

As part of an investigation into the shooting, police searched the home of Mauro Tropeano, who originally called to report the attempted car theft. At the scene, police found $26,000 in cash, a large collection of pills and marijuana, and several firearms, the affidavit said.  

— Peter Yankowski