Fire watch continues at high school

The ‘fire watch’ that has a town firefighter on duty after classes at Ridgefield High School continued this week, Fire Chief Jerry Myers said.
“It has not ended yet,” Myers said Tuesday, April 2. “I cannot predict when it will end.”
Because the school’s emergency lighting needs some upgrading, a fire watch firefighter goes on duty to meet fire code for after school hours, when there’s less school staff in the building, according to Myers. The fire department is working with school authorities to get the situation straightened out.
“We’ve had a meeting up there last Wednesday with their lighting contractor,” Myers said. “We’ve outlined what has to be done and as soon as the building is up to compliance with the life safety code we can terminate the fire watch.”
Asked the dollar cost of having a firefighter on duty at school each day, Myers said he had figures from the start of the fire watch on March 5 to March 24. That cost was $8,069.