Zoning commission to review Handshy affordable housing application Wednesday

A 30-unit, 45-bedroom, age-restricted affordable housing project on Danbury Road will receive public hearing Wednesday, Sept. 19, in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The three-story building, which is proposed by local developer Marty Handshy, will be built on a three-acre lot at 233 Danbury Road (backs up toward Founders Hall).

Handshy is a partner of CGP at Danbury Road LLC, an extension of Charter Group Partners —  Marty Handshy, Jay Metcalfe and Dennis Stone — who built the 77 Sunset Lane project of 45 coach homes and nine condominiums on former Schlumberger land purchased from the town.

They plan to build under the state’s affordable housing law, 8-30g, which frees developers from density restrictions and most other zoning regulations on projects with at least 30% of the units  — nine of the 30 — qualifying as “affordable” by state standards.

“We kind of feel that having it age-restricted and affordable is a real positive,” said Marty Handshy of CGP. “Because generally speaking you’ll get retired folks there, and on the affordable side you’ll have folks that are retired but they might be on fixed incomes. That might allow people to stay in Ridgefield that want to stay here.

“I’m hopeful it’s well-received. I think it’s good for the town,” Handshy said.