Zoners OK expanding ‘top-heavy’ Route 7 building

Mid-century modern is dead.

That was the consensus at Tuesday night’s Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, where property owner Steve DiCiacco received approval to expand the first floor of the vacant building that sits at 719 Danbury Road.

“That building was put up in the 1950s, and as near as I can tell, was supposed to be some kind of futuristic building,” DiCiacco said to the commission.

“Well, the future came and went — or maybe it just never arrived.”

Despite the building not currently holding a tenant, DiCiacco said, he’d like to expand the first floor to improve the building’s aesthetic appeal. The building currently has a second story that overhangs the first floor by several feet.

“My 95-year-old mother says that it looks top-heavy,” DiCiacco said.

Planning and Zoning director Richard Baldelli said the square footage added to the building’s first floor — the total would come in around 2,700 square feet — would not “even meet the requirements to need another parking space.”

“Move to approval,” Commissioner George Hanlon said after the presentation, “even though I think mid-century modern is coming back.”

Commissioner John Katz laughed at that comment.

“Most of us pray that mid-century modern is not coming back,” he said.