Yursiks pass generational torch at Ridgefield Supply

It was serendipity when Peter Yursik started working at Ridgefield Supply Company 13 years ago — the same place where his father, Joe Yursik, worked. The two have used this opportunity to better understand each other. Joe is currently vice president of sales, while Peter works in outside sales.

“I’m not a young child anymore. I’ve lived on my own for many years now, and your relationship with your father becomes more of a bonded friendship as you get older, which I’ve enjoyed, for sure,” Peter said. “It evolves from a father-to-son to a man-to-man relationship.”

Peter does not work directly under his father, and they rarely interact during the workday. Joe said, “What’s interesting is that despite the fact that we work for the same company, and that we work out of the same building, Peter and I cross paths in the morning to say hello and maybe in the afternoon to say goodnight. So the time outside of the office we enjoy.”

Many of those activities are outdoors. “When the weather is nice enough — golf,” Peter said. “I don’t think either of us is any good at the game, but we do enjoy it.”

Joe listed more examples of activities both enjoy. “We both like going to the beach — whether it’s fishing or swimming or kayaking, along that line. We’re both warm-weather, sandy beach people. Pete’s a better fisherman than I am, but we both like to fish, no doubt.”

Peter did not plan to work at Ridgefield Supply Co. Before, he was being paid as a subcontractor doing home theater installations. “I decided to make a switch, and it just so happened that they were hiring at Ridgefield Supply, so it was convenient as far as it goes, since my father was already there,” he said. “It wasn’t necessarily that I knew that I was going to be working long-term in the building industry, but I started at Ridgefield Supply, and my job has evolved over the years.”

Peter began by making deliveries to towns in Fairfield and Westchester counties. He was also in inside sales before becoming a part of outside sales.

Joe said, “He had a lot of other mentors in addition to me.”

From the top

Both referred to the Prices as examples of family members working in the same company.

The Price family has owned Ridgefield Supply Co. for three generations, with Margaret Price assuming leadership in 2011.

The Yursiks aren’t the only family represented across two generations at Ridgefield Supply:

Bill and Will Grozenger and Robi and Bob Barber are two other father and son duos who work at RSC. Linda and Anthony Ryan are mother and son, while Quinn & Skip O'Marra work side-by-by as brothers.