Youth Commission gets a new member

Ridgefield High School sophomore Caroline Whelan was appointed to the Youth Commission at the Board of Selectmen meeting Wednesday, April 19.

Whelan is an accomplished student actively involved in extracurriculars and philanthropy. She has been granted the Women’s Empowerment Scholarship to spend one week at Georgetown University this summer, where she will collaborate with international development experts and other high school students to solve problems facing small businesses in northern Nigeria.

“I thought there’s still more I can do locally,” she said.

“I want to become an official member and encourage my peers to do so as well.”

All the selectmen were impressed with her résumé, although Selectman Bob Hebert warned the sophomore to not stretch herself too thin by taking on so many commitments.

“This is a very impressive résumé,” he said. “Most highly successful adults don’t end their career with the accomplishments that you have.”

“But just think about, do you have the time and the bandwidth to take on one more commitment like this? And is this a healthy decision for you?”

Whelan said the commitment won’t be a problem, and that she looks forward to being a formal member of the commission.