Wooster School collects supplies for Puerto Rico

Wooster School student Caylynn Maldonado wanted to do something to help out the people of Puerto Rico, particularly because she has family on her father's side who have been experiencing first-hand, the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.

She started out with one box in the library, and a poster to let people know what kinds of things are needed in Puerto Rico.

Caylynn then presented her idea to the Center for Social Impact Student Group, who enthusiastically embraced this idea to collect items by creating a friendly school-wide competition to see which grade could collect the most items for their peers in Puerto Rico.

The two-week challenge for Puerto Rico was developed, running from Thursday, Oct. 19 through Thursday, Nov. 9. Social Impact students created the boxes for each grade and placed them in strategic locations around campus.

Each day, the items were counted. Caylynn and Bennett Wattles, of Ridgefield, made announcements during chapel, lunchtime and in passing, to inspire our students to join in this effort, and to understand the need for this right now.

They counted just over 750 items. Seventh grade students donated the most items, 157. In second place, third grade students collected 141 items and in third place, and kindergarteners finished with 96 items.

To learn more, visit woosterschool.org/ or contact Wooster School Admissions at 203-830-3916.