Women’s March group plans buses to New York protest

Want to go to a “resistance” march in New York City on Saturday? Buses to the protest are being organized by the Women’s March - Ridgefield Chapter.

The Ridgefield-based Facebook group, which began as people organized to go to last year’s protests in Washington on President Trump’s inauguration weekend, has filled one bus and is working on filling a second one this week.

“We chose the bus option, instead of the train, so that we could do our best to stay together as a group,” said Jessica Mancini, who has been organizing activities with Aimee Berger-Girvalo.

“We will be leaving from the RHS parking lot at 8 a.m. on the 20th and returning at 6 p.m.”

Group members are also going to marches planned Saturday in Hartford and Boston, and some are taking trains to the New York, rather than going on the bus.

“We have many more who decided to take the train and are looking to meet up there,” Mancini said.

“We were nervous that if we took the train, we’d not be able to stay together and have that feeling,” she added.

Organizers added the second bus late last week after President Trump’s remarks opposing immigrants from places like Haiti and Africa, as opposed to Norway, prompted new outrage and more people wanting to join the resistance protest.

So, there were some seats open.

For information or to reserve a seat on the bus, people can email Aimee Berger-Girvalo at aimeebgyoga@gmail.com, or reserve a seat directly with the Skedaddle Bus Company through its app: https://letskedaddle.app.link/0jNuy5MuJJ.

The group’s statement of purpose for the trip says: “Since his first day in office, nearly a year ago, basic rights for so many have been disregarded by the current president and his administration. Corporations are poised to make great financial gains off the backs of poor and middle-class Americans who are already struggling to make ends meet. Our First Amendment is being challenged, daily, and healthcare for millions is on the chopping block. Even our planet is suffering due to the actions taken in the spirit of absolute denial of the science of climate change. The Ridgefield Chapter of the Women’s March, stands together again, as we join others to defend our rights and demand to be heard, in NYC on January 20th.”