Winter Club backlash: Police confirm reports of stolen signs

A Ridgefield Winter Club sign that was vandalized on Marshall Road this week.
A Ridgefield Winter Club sign that was vandalized on Marshall Road this week.

The Ridgefield Police Department has received at least three reports of stolen  signs that oppose the proposed Ridgefield Winter Club.

The yellow signs, which read either "No Ice Rink On Peaceable" or "Protect Residential Zoning," were put up by opponents of the proposed outdoor skating rink at 340 Peaceable Street — the former location of the Pinchbeck Nursery and most recently Peaceable Farms.

Someone clearly doesn't like the message.

"This expression of public discontent is apparently quite galling to the supporters of this proposed private hockey club because these supporters are now stealing some of these very lawn signs," wrote Kay Choo, a Peaceable Street resident, in a letter to the editor this week.

"One resident had an eight-foot banner stolen right off her split-rail fence," she added. "Perhaps it might be stating the obvious but coming onto someone’s front lawn to steal their property is both larceny and trespassing, both misdemeanor crimes in Connecticut."

One sign on Marshall Road was vandalized with a white piece of paper that reads "Ice rinks! > Condos! or Townhomes!" being tapped over the yellow board.

Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz said Friday, Aug. 17, that he could only confirm reports of signs being stolen — not of any property being vandalized.

Jeff Hanson, who's property Old South Salem Road property abuts the proposed outdoor skating rink and clubhouse, said he spoke to the culprit of the Marshall Road sign.

"He says he’s not for or against club," Hansen said, "just thought he’d give an opinion."