Voters pass budgets, approve 1.92% tax increase

All budgets were passed by town voters Tuesday night, in a referendum in which both operating budgets and capital spending questions were approved by large margins but with a small overall turnout of 2,444 of Ridgefield’s more than 18,000 registered voters.

“Everything passed, overwhelmingly,” said First Selectman Rudy Marconi after the numbers were posted by election workers in Yanity Gym.

The budgets approved will mean a 1.92% tax increase for the 2017-18 fiscal year, which starts July 1.

The results were:

Question 1, $35.5 million town budget: 1,843 ‘yes’ to 595 ‘no.’

Question 2, $92.6 million school budget: 1,478’yes’ to 960 ‘no.’

Question 3, $1,840,000 roads and infrastructure budget: 2,051 ‘yes’ to 384 ‘no.’

Question 4, $900,000 Branchville development plan: 1,511 ‘yes’ to 897 ‘no.’

Question 5, $989,000 for fuel depot, ambulance, truck and loader: 1,814 ‘yes’ to 606 ‘no.’

Question 6, $950,000 to repair water damage in Recreation Center: 1,805 ‘yes’ to 592 ‘no.’

Question 7, $1,035,000 for school phone system and energy conservation: 1,756 ‘yes’ to 657 ‘no.’

“I’m delighted that the budgets have passed,” said School Board Chairwoman Frances Walton.