Voters approve 2018-19 town and school budget

Ridgefield voters approved all budget questions — mandating a 1.8% tax increase — in a referendum that drew a low turnout due to a severe evening storm Tuesday, May 15.

“Everything’s a go,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said, looking at posted vote totals that showed easy victories for school budget, town budget, road budget, and capital-spending questions that ranged from a 63-space village parking lot off Governor Street to renovations at the Venus building to school security plant upgrades and building security measures.

Question One, the $47.5-million town budget, passed 1,524 yes to 401 no.

Question Two, the $95-million school budget, passed 1,239 yes to 691 no.

Question Three, $1,840,000 for roads and infrastructure passed 1,673 yes to 252 no.

Question Four, $1,350,000 for renovations at the Venus Building, passed 1,282 yes to 623 no.

Question Five, $570,000 for a new parking lot in the village, passed 1,318 to 599.

Question Six, $508,000 for roof replacements, building repairs and a study of drainage problems in the village, passed 1,501 yes to 401 no.

Question Seven, $886,000 for a fire department pumper-tanker and a highway department plow truck, passed 1,457 yes to 438 no.

Question Eight, $949,000 for school capital improvements ranging from asbestos abatement to computer technology upgrades, passed 1,525 to 383.

Thirty seven absentee ballots haven’t been counted yet, according to Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi.