Veterans Day 2017: 'These men saved the world' (SLIDESHOW)


About 70 Ridgefield residents attended the Veterans Day ceremony at the Lounsbury House on a cold Saturday morning.

Vocalist Evelyn Carr sang the National Anthem and America the Beautiful, First Selectman Rudy Marconi delivered his annual Veterans Day speech, and Capt. Lynn Isaac was honored as the keynote speaker.

Capt. Isaac recalled visiting Normandy with her father, a World War II pilot who flew 50 successful missions in the Pacific.

"We visited Pointe du Hoc which is between Omaha Beach and Utah Beach," she told the crowd.

"I remember he said, 'I couldn't have done what these guys did,' and that's the kind of the attitude of a lot  veterans have: Somebody always had it worse off than you did. They did what they did, but they didn’t brag about what they did: Somebody always sacrificed more than you did...

"They're modest and humble, they downplay their contributions," she added. "But these men saved the world."

First Selectman Marconi said that saying a simple thank you to veterans means more to them than any of the medals they've received.

"A vet is an extraordinary human being," he said. "A vet sacrifices ambitions so others won't have to sacrifice's the finest testimony of the greatest nation."