Veteran teacher Vincent Conyers joins arts council

A social studies teacher pursuing a master’s degree in museum studies, Vincent Conyers, has been named to the Ridgefield Arts Council.

Conyers appeared before the Board of Selectmen on May 10 and was appointed to fill one of the 11-member Arts Council’s two vacant seats.

“I consider myself to be a patron of the arts. I’ve been collecting art for over 20 years,” Conyers said in a letter to the council.

He’s been a social studies teacher in New York City since 1988, serving at one middle school and three high schools in the Bronx. He currently teaches at Bronx Community High School. He’s lived in town two years.

“Since living in Ridgefield, I have reached out to both the Keeler Tavern and the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art and arranged a trip of my high school students from the Bronx to visit last spring,” Conyers wrote to the arts council. “The trip was a huge success. The students had an opportunity to experience a world outside of the inner city as well as take a look back in time to a Colonial New England town.”

Conyers said he’s retiring soon and will pursue a career in the arts.

“I would like to assist the council in organizing and planning events that support artists and the arts,” he said.

Arts council chairman Dr. Mark Meachem wrote to the selectmen saying Conyers had been attending the council’s monthly meetings since December, and members had unanimously supported his appointment to the council.