Vernal pools study makes teachers’ jobs easier

Fourth graders loved their trip to the Woodcock Nature Center — where they learned about vernal pools, wildlife, and climate change.

That’s what Tommy Bergeron and Ava Forgione, students from Scotland Elementary told the Board of Education at its meeting Monday, June 12.

“We learned that vernal pools are small bodies of water that usually form in the woods during the spring,” said Ava.

“We hope that the board of education will continue to support learning opportunities such as these,” Tommy said.

Assistant Superintendent Kim Beck said that the program was a result of a collaboration with Ridgefield Conservation Commission and the Woodcock Nature Center.

“We provided training to any volunteer field guides — with relevant knowledge for themselves so they could participate not only in the program but throughout the town in other vernal pools,” said Beck.

Fourth grade teacher Paul Partelow had positive things to say about the experience and the nature center staff.

“Woodcock personnel made my job real easy,” he said.

“They allowed them [students] to explore ideas in a multi-sensory way — allowing them to see the entire scope of learning and apply it and teaches them to be activists in protecting our environment.”